Monday, October 29, 2012

Liz Quackenbush Maiolica Glaze

Cone 04 Maiolica Glaze

FRIT 3124-------------------140
OM4 BALL--------------------14
ZIRCOPAX -------------------20

THE GLAZE SHOULD BE MIXED UP VERY THICK...JUST BARELY FLUID, LIKE A MELTED MILK SHAKE.   If it is mixed too thin it will sink like a rock.  If mixed too thick the air will not be released and the pin holes will still be present.  Mix it dry and then sieve in 60 or 80 mesh and put the lid on and call it a day. The Glaze should sit for at least a week before you use it so all the air is released and you don't get crazy pin holes.

K Have Fun!

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